Just A Mix

Here it is, the first podcast of 2021. Nothing over the top and crazy about this one. It’s just a mix I put together off the cuff. It was my mood at the time but a loosely knit theme did start to form out of it. Hope you like the selections. Here’s the Playlist!

17 thoughts on “Just A Mix

  1. A great mix, I love these podcasts. Always interesting how a theme slowly grows out of how you interpret songs. Keep it up, February donation on its way!

  2. Hi Matt, tienes idea en qué concierto apareció la frase PUBLIUS ENIGMA, tanto en el frente del escenario como en la pantalla circular? Tendrás ese concierto en video? Si no lo tienes, cómo puedo hacer para conseguirlo? Discúlpame que te escribo en español pero no sé hablar en inglés…

    • Hola Carlos! En la noche del 18 de julio de 1994, los patrones de las luces del frente del escenario del concierto de Pink Floyd en East Rutherford deletrearon momentáneamente las palabras ENIGMA PUBLIUS.

      El concierto televisado del 20 de octubre de 1994 en Earls Court, Londres, contiene imágenes de la palabra “ENIGMA” proyectada en letras grandes sobre el telón de fondo del escenario durante la canción “Another Brick in the Wall (Part II)”. Espero que ayude

  3. Hi Doc,
    thanks for this mix!
    Some people don’t seem to have followed Roger’s (or the band’s) political stance since roughly the mid-60s. Or listened to ‘Is This The Life We Really Want’. But perhaps there is a future theme there: conspiracy theories. Isn’t there a secret message just before ‘Empty Spaces’ when you play The Wall backwards? Have we solved the Publius enigma yet? And surely all those ‘spacey’ songs from the 60s were aliens telling us to trust the plan? 🙂
    Roger (from very close to outer space, viz. Belgium)

    • Very interesting information: never heart about the Publius Enigma. But now I have read a little bit about it and watched the concert videos of 1994. The word “ENIGMA” is only seen in one single concert at the beginning of Another brick 2 on the big screen: the original Live-Pay-TV-Broadcast from 20.10.1994 (see my notes on BD 267 “Same but different”). The DVD from 2006 has the same camera-angle, the musicians do the same, but “ENIGMA” ist replaced by “E = MC²”, the “E” is equal and the scratches also. The “Later Years”-BR has only parts of the word “ENIGMA” because of another camera-angle. Why? Conspiracy theories? Has Bill Gates chiped all Floydians by the music and plays with our perception (no, it’s not true, dear conspiracy theorists, it’s only a joke)? But why did they changed the words? Has anyone any idea?
      Regards from really existing Hannover!

  4. Very interesting concept, Doc! Thanks! I will upload this podcast to CD and listen it on the player. In particular, the connection between “Night of Thousand Furry Toys” and “Remember a Day” is correctly noted. For me the connection between Richard’s songs from “Saucerfull of Secrets” and the theme from his solo album “Broken China” was always obvious. And the children’s voices in Nick’s live version only increased this parallel.

  5. Hi Doc!! Regards from Argentina, i’m a big PF fan, and with a lot of effort i assisted to 13 gigs of Roger and 1 of David. What are the rumours about a new Roger’s album?

  6. Sorry you threw your hat into the political arena on this one. Wish you would’ve refrained. Trump-hating is every corner of the web and airwaves. Thought I’d found a neutral corner! To be expected though.

      • Chapeau, Doc. Your podcast, your rules. In Germany there is a proverb: Wer die Musik bezahlt, bestimmt die Melodie (whoever pays the music determines the melody) und gefällt sie Dir nicht, verpiss Dich in eine andere Kneipe (and donˋt like it, piss off to another pub!). In this sense: bye bye Mr Jamie!
        Thank you for every Podcast, Doc, from Hannover in Lower-Saxonie in Germany!

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