Japan 1972

For this edition, we head off to the land of the rising sun where The Floyd took part on a short, six day tour of Japan in 1972. The last date being at the Nakajima Sports Center in Sapparo on the island of Hokkaido, 13 March 1972 , almost one year before the studio release of The Dark Side of The Moon. This date also featured a performance of Atom Heart Mother. Here’s the playlist! Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “Japan 1972

  1. Man, too bad about Yeeshkul. This was the first I heard of it and am only now listening to the show so I wasn’t able to say goodbye. I wonder if someone else will prop up a new, similar, server?

  2. Hello Doc, thank you for this podcast-it perks peoples ears up to hear a recording of a piece of music that seems to be changing in real time, as it is performed. Nick Mason joked when once he was asked about a DSOTM boxed set, and he replied something like ‘Oh you mean 43 similar but different live versions of the the same material?’. But it set me thinking-what are the top five or top ten bootleg recordings of the 1972-73 recordings of DSOTM that mark out most the evolution of the arrangements of the music, lyrics, and use of sound effects, ‘found voices’ etc with the album?

  3. As always, great show, Doc! I was thinking (and kinda hoping) that you would post your doctored version 2.0 of DSOTM. I’ve had a copy of it for years and listen to it often. I like how it has the original On The Run and then the record version. Congrats on the new studio, that’s s awsome! Bummer about Yeeshkul. I too, had an account there many years ago. It’s funny, in my 2019 recording of Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets from Buffalo, “somebody” near my mics yelled out YEESHKUL 3 times that night. It made me laugh…
    Thanks so much for what you do here. Stay PINK!

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