Into Little Pieces

For this edition of Brain Damage, its Floyd live at The Sporto, 28 June, 1973.  This recording has been around for a while but this time it gets the doctored treatment… a little.  There’s a few flaws within the recording that even I can’t fix but not all is lost. I explain in the podcast.  Pink Floyd put on a gripping show and the recording is very good,  So here it is, flaws ‘n all!  Before however, I figure a nice 25 minute version of Shine On You Crazy Diamond would be fitting since The Sport gig is a diamond in the rough.  Hope you like.  Here’s the playlist

7 thoughts on “Into Little Pieces

  1. Superb recording and presentation of this Doc. So exciting – you are absolutely right: band really energised. I even enjoyed some of the ‘banter’ amongst the crowd. Also interesting to see evidence of the change in the type of audience post Dark Side.

  2. Great show and great doctoring, as always but had I been part of that crowd I would probably have hurt someone.

  3. much appreciated. Commuting to work with this recording and it felt like being in the audience. “Sit Down” “You don’t know our name” “Sit Down” It was very immersive.. thanks for putting it up.

  4. A super doctored take on an old favourite. Have heard much of this gig before, but never as good as this. Thanks Doc

    p.s. Your ‘Shine On’ edit at the start is awesome! One of the best I’ve heard.

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