bd218It’s been a long time since I featured one of Roger’s Wall gigs.  This one is special.  I explain in the podcast but you can look at the playlist if you’re that curious.

When I attend concerts, I enjoy the pre-show and intermission house music as much as the show itself.  Usually its just whatever the production crew feels like playing but with Roger it’s different.  Roger’s crew uses every opportunity to throw subtle hints and references found deep in the wall.  Here’s the playlist.  Please enjoy the “full show”.

intermission part 1 video
intermission part 2 video

15 thoughts on “Intermission

  1. Hi Doc!
    The podcast is great. But I can`t look the intermission videos at youtube.
    Is there another possibility?
    Greetings from Germany

  2. Thanks a lot for this fantastic podcast 🙂 Very nice sound and off course brings back a lot of memories again 🙂

  3. When I wrote a review for Brain Damage years ago I mentioned that the song choices that were played before the show were a bit funny at the time. This was during the ’06 Dark Side Tour at Jones Beach in New York. Man it poured the entire trip down and then just misted the rest of the evening. The tunes that played before the show were all weather related. “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head”, “Who’ll Stop the Rain”, etc. Then it stared to thunder and lightening, but way, way off. So you just had the light show. Even Roger commented that he enjoyed the “atmospheric conditions” that evening. If you have never been to Jones Beach, try and catch a show there. The stage sits right on the water. That show is in my top 5 best in my entire life!!

  4. I caught this in 2010 in St Paul and again two years later at Wrigley Field in Chicago. Man, what an experience! I was more lucid at the St Paul show and remember it all. At Wrigley there was stuff being passed around and between that and the beer, I was lucky to wake up in my hotel room the next morning. And I’m definitely glad I wasn’t tripping like the guys next to us. I’m too old for that shit.

    Another great show you’ve put together, Doc!

  5. ok i have to ask…was there a bum pushing a cart full of signs?walking around on the floor seats..being followed by cops?…part of the show first one in toronto…i was there

  6. Thank you. “Thank you!”

    A genuine joy to ‘feel’ the extensive thought gone into the original selections, delivered smoothly here.

    Not only is it very cool to relive the whole evening from the show (goosebumps and all) but makes a great relaxing listen as music to work to.

    Deserves to be shared with anyone who likes any of the other artists featured.

    Cheers Doc.

  7. Really nice, Doc. It certainly brings back the vibe and the mood set one had before the shows and during the intermission. It would be nice to know what the references and hint that you speak of are. Some seem obvious, others not so much.

  8. Y`know Doc,after seeing multiple shows I have to agree that Roger and his people put considerable effort into what you would see AND hear.You set the mood then make the atmosphere exactly what you want it to be from night to night and nothing is less important than the other…..and it made it an experience to be treasured.

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