‘I Framed’ Roger Waters

Show #154 Release date: 25. July, 2010

Actually I didn’t frame Roger.  Good friend and long time Brain Damaged listener Barry BURBs hit me up with a smashing good mix framed in the proper light.

Since I’m deeply immersed in my latest matrix project and with Roger making all the buzz lately, this seems rather fitting.  I always love when listeners generate content so keep em coming!

At Barry’s request and in keeping with his podcasting style there will be no playlist for his one.  It’s a fun listen!  Don’t forget to please leave your comments!  Thank you and enjoy!

3 thoughts on “‘I Framed’ Roger Waters

  1. Hi gang,this podcast lark is far better than old days of files to D/l,then need program off Internet, then converter to mp3,then a few players winamp or mp3 player that came with PC,does it work after two days technical headache? Used to burn my head out,putting sound on CDR,moment of truth CD would eject! Iam psychological wounded from them days!,this is better (low battery )5%: )

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