Houston 1994

Its just another average Pink Floyd gig from The North American Division Bell Tour from Houston, Texas’ Rice University Stadium, 5th April 1994.

All is well until halfway through the second set, torrential rain wreaked havoc on the bands entire stage, sound and lighting system.  Eventually the plug was pulled with about 10 to 15 minutes left in the show.  Houston, we have a problem!  Here’s the playlist!  Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “Houston 1994

  1. My first real concert it was almost like part of the show when the lighting struck and went across the the sky then the roar of thunder echoing through out the stadium . … I was completely sober and I still enjoyed the heck out of it.. sure would like to see another one .. without the rain .. it was pretty cool watching the people down in front running and slide into on the already wet ground .. it was like one big ole Slip and Slide . With a little bit of mud .lmassoff .. it was great .THANX. .. MONEY WELL SPENT ..

  2. Hey doc, thanks for this episode. Have you noticed the beeping sounds during High Hopes? Last chorus between “the light was brighter” and “the taste was sweeter” (1:16:47). Maybe a piece of equipment giving up?

  3. Hey Matt – I just threw a donation your way, it’d been too long. Thanks for all the great eps over the years.

    Gotta question I wasn’t sure where to ask, so I’ll put it out here. Maybe others can jump in. What works best for folks in terms of listening to the episodes? I like to take them with me on my iPhone. For years I was able to download the eps, upload them to iTunes/Apple Music, and they’d show up as downloadable to my phone. That’s stopped working recently, with Apple Music telling me the eps aren’t eligible to upload to the cloud.

    I just added the FloydPodcast URL to my preferred podcast player, Overcast. Awesome – all the eps from the most recent back to #133 are available to download. But what about #39 through #132? Maybe I’ll have to keep those in Apple Music.

    Sorry this is longwinded, just curious about how people manage their Floyd Podcast collections. Tips appreciated! Stay safe and healthy out there.

    • Hey Donny! Thank you for the donation and for reaching out. That’s odd Apple is preventing that from happening. Not sure why. Apple has always been a pain to deal with. Have you tried not using the cloud and syncing it up into your phone in the podcast app?

    • I’ve done the same thing for years (downloaded the show then converted it to a ‘music’ track). Sometimes it is the file size that prevents it from joining the cloud. I know this because I’ve downloaded long concerts and tried to keep for playback as a single file and the same thing happens. Try running the file through an audio editor like Audacity or Garageband. You can try saving as different file types there and see if you can compress it yet maintain the sound quality.

      • You can’t compress an MP3 because it’s already compressed. You really shouldn’t have to do anything to the file. So are you saying I should keep it as a music track and not a podcast?

        • Hey Matt, hey Greg – thanks for weighing in. I hear you on the inconveniences of Apple. I’m pleased with managing my music catalog in Apple, but they’re not so great with podcasts.

          I think I’m good to go with my halfsies solution. I’ve got shows #39-#132 in Apple Music, and I’ve got #133 up to today (great treat to hear RW Amsterdam early!) in my podcast app, Overcast.

          This year I’ve been listening to the shows in order starting all the way back at #39. It’s been a balm in these troubled times!

          Stay safe,

  4. Saw the Dallas show..like a mudslide getting out of Texas Stadium. Had perfect seats…back high center. Rain started during. Hey You. ..great evening

    Thanks as always Doc..stay safe…cheers

  5. Hey, that guy in the header picture is already wearing a mask – very sensible!
    Thank you for the music and stay safe!

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