homeEverybody’s got somewhere they call home.  Take me home, take me home.  I feel like going home, I want to go home, I wanna go home.  If I were with you, I’d be home and dry.  If you’re alone, I’ll come home.  Open your heart, I’m coming home but I got no navigator to find my way home, to find my way home to your smile.  Back at home, what holds me here.  Nice to be at home, home again.  Hometown, staying home, home, home again.  Better stay home.  I must stay at home, a stranger at home.  Home and done.  That’s the playlist.

7 thoughts on “Home

  1. I happened to be going through the old podcasts and I noticed this one and thought it seemed suited to the COVID-19 pandemic we’re experiencing during 2020.

  2. Knocked another one outta the park, Doc! Great job! And now I know I need to hunt down that 1987 Quebec show. The sound on “If” was amazing.

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