He Couldn’t Make It Tonight

Show #54, Release date: 31. March, 2006

Tennis Center, Melbourne, Australia, 19. February, 1988. This is a soundboard, concert recording that surfaced last summer. I’d love to know how this came to fruition because it’s the best of an ’88 gig you’ll find.  It has a few flaws however.  There were some slight  mixing issues plus the encore and other small parts were missing.  My guess is that a crew member had recorded this for their own posterity.  Anyway, I tried my best to patch it up just to make the ride less bumpy and added a fantasy encore, if you will, for good measure.  Oh and almost forgot, speaking of patching things.  This podcast opens with a very nice soundboard version of Echoes, however incomplete from 1987, but that’s patched up too.  I explain more in the podcast.  Hope you dig it.

Colin Turner, webmaster of Pinkfloydz.com and super genius, has written a cool article where he recounts his time seeing the Floyd at the Tennis Centre here.

*photo: http://www.spencertunick.com/

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