Happy 40th Piper!

Show #93 – Release date: 31. August, 2007

I can’t believe it’s already the “end? of summer here in Boston.  Time flies.  The concert featured in the last podcast was roughly around Pink Floyd’s 20th birthday.  I remember 1987 like it was only yesterday.  Here we are, 20 years, staring down the barrel of Pink Floyds 40th anniversary release of their first album The Piper At The Gates of Dawn.  Actually it was on 5th of August but for this podcast we’re marking the 40th anniversary re-release.  The ‘cast is shorter than usual but it’s jam packed with many early gems.  Hope you dig.

1 thought on “Happy 40th Piper!

  1. I’d like to learn more about two aspects of early Floyd: first, I’m curious about Syd Barrett’s compositional skills (not just his lyricism). We always hear about his whimsical lyrics but rarely about his musicianship.

    And second, I’m most curious about Rick Wright –the most out of all the group members. What’s his story? What’s his personality? What were his musical influences, how did he arrive at his vision for what the keyboard could do in this group? I mark him down as my #1 favorite keyboardist in rock and perhaps in any other genre as well.

    Another question just occurs to me: what did Floyd think of other bands who were ‘big’–along with them–at the height of their fame? Who did they listen to, who did they admire? What did they think of the YES band, for example? What did they think of ELP, or even the Stones? Whom did they respect, musically?

    Thanks. Just musing out loud here…

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