Glancing Up Through The Rain

Show #174, Release date: 1. August, 2011

One rainy day it occurred to me that in all six years of doing this podcast, I’ve never done a rain themed show.  Ironically it’s one of my favorite themes.  So here it is… this one has a few curve balls.  Enjoy.  (highlight below to see playlist)

5 thoughts on “Glancing Up Through The Rain

  1. Name of song starting around 1:04:40? It sounds fantastic… Also Rats (my favourite Syd‘s song) with storm sound effects is wonderful 🙂 Keep on with great work…

    • Thank you for the kind words. The track you’re asking about is called “Black Cloud” they can be found on Rick Wright’s last solo LP broken China. My apologies for not posting a playlist I’ve been meaning to get around to that.

  2. were you totally depressed when making this?..i sobbed uncontollably afew times,,this shit was depressing man…im depressed to begin with..i dont need any help..but keep up the fucking excellent work doc! i was there for the first show of the wall in toronto…and im keeping the hamilton show u have on here for nostalgia purposes..i was taken to a cottage that sister listened to it on her porch from at least 2 miles away..and my bro got in for FREE!!!..story for later..thanks again for the tears

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