Getting Old

Welcome to Brain Damage’s 18th year! The show is all grown up. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d still be doing this podcast after all this time but here I am, and its all thanks to those who’ve supported the show.

For this edition, we forge on to another year as we all get older. This is a twist on a topic of many Pink Floyd songs, a collection of songs that all mention the inevitable of getting older, gotten older and being old. Enjoy!  Here’s the playlist. Have fun with it!

10 thoughts on “Getting Old

  1. Hi Doc: long time since come by, but just and to compliment: I’m of an age to think this compilation really astute, cleverly put together – even more so when Dec. went by with no pod had us (me) bit perturbed is all ok: (&Know exactly your final incisive sentiment ‘others all off to their great gigs’..) BTW: guess the $cash from long ago sent never came thru: pity bout that 🙁 I try fix it to show my appreciation all these show efforts again sometime soon / some other way.)

  2. Beautiful work, Doc. So glad for the new shows AND the archives. I’m listening to all of 2006 right now. Great shows you did that year.

  3. PF always have a touch of born old about them but still never go out of style.

    I forget how good Near The End is, majestic solo: I don’t grow old of that.

    RIP Beck and Cros’.


    PS. Happy Returns for 18th Doc, you’re now old enjoy to indulge in dubious substances…

  4. I got “old” with Pink Floyd: since I was 14 the music has accompanied me, since show #55 “Brain Damage” has accompanied me. Hey Doc, I wanna grow older with you and your show and Pink Floyd. I donate… As everyone should, so we can grow older together with „Brain Damage“. Thank you, Doc!

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