Full Circle

Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets live at the Corn Exchange in Cambridge, UK a couple of weeks ago, 1st, May 2019.  It was a great concert in Pink Floyd’s home town and Nick’s first time playing in Cambridge since 1969! This was captured near the front, dead center with special thanks to Disputandum Productions who recorded it.  I was next to the mixing desk and its where I took the photo (above).  Where you there?  Here’s the playlist Enjoy

6 thoughts on “Full Circle

  1. Did not get any opportunity to see this time sadly. Wish I was there. Thanks Doc. You sure got the medicine man. NM has truly put together an interstellar ensemble. An inspired show. Astounding & amazing pudding.

  2. Hey, thanks for making this. I was upstairs near the back and sound was great to there. I thought the gig was fantastic, especially Set The Controls. Although it’s not one of my favourite Floyd songs the tension from the guitar and drums was amazing.

  3. I saw this in Toronto…amazing freaking show..3rd row just left..beautiful..thanks doc..I really need to pay you for these..ive kept 3 now..the Hamilton show..cause thats my home town..the first the wall show by roger in Toronto cause I was there..and..now this..thank you so much brother

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