Frankfurt 77

For this edition of Brain Damage, its an excellent audience recording from the beginning of the “In The Flesh Tour’, 27 January, 1977 in Frankfurt Germany at the Festhalle.

This bootleg is titled “From The Masters” and is noted as one of the best sounding shows from the European leg of the tour. The band’s performance is solid throughout the show and it’s now all doctored for supersound! Vastly improved sound for sure but you be the judge. First we start off with Pink Floyd’s latest, with Hey Hey Rise Up!  Please leave a comment and donate! Thank you and enjoy! Here’s the playlst.

7 thoughts on “Frankfurt 77

  1. Hi Doc, thanks again for your work on this podcast episode. This concert recording brings back my memories of the Berlin concert on January 29, 1977. That’s why I’m donating the 20 Deutsch Marks (unbelievable) that my ticket cost back then.
    To all listeners who always only say thank you with words: donate in the amount that makes it possible for you. That’s at least the minimum for 2 hours of entertainment provided by a “maniac” like Doc. Thank you Doc!
    Regards from Hannover

  2. Hi Doc,
    A very nice recording. While listening I was thinking about crowd differences between Europeans and the US and not listening to incessant sit down and fireworks . I Couldn’t agree more with your comments at the end.
    I saw Floyd at Soldier Field in 77 and it was not bad where I was sitting but when listening to some of the US shows I have to them turn off.
    Really enjoy the podcasts.

  3. I just started listening to it! It’s sounds really great! It’s amazing that everytime u hear pink Floyd in thus Era, it reminds me of summer, I get chills up and down my spine, and I always wished that I wasn’t 7 years old at the time where u couldn’t see these shows live! O g it must have been so wonderful to hear, live!
    Thank you for this very special podcast!

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