Forwards In Reverse

Show #149 Release date: 24. March, 2010

The name of the podcast almost has nothing to do with the theme but it does describe the manner in which it progresses.  A few weeks ago I realized that I’ve never featured the KQED sessions in full, not even on the radio back in 2004.  Crazy I neglected this for so long and its long overdue.  For the rest of the podcast, I wasn’t 100% sure what direction to take it.  Well, the other day, Craig Williams, who’s responsible for the last podcast idea again suggested the following, “Years ago you did a podcast featuring a compilation of the Pink Floyd radio sessions, well how about doing one featuring their appearances on TV. As it focuses on the bands early years, it provides a nice contrast to recent podcasts”  He also suggested KQED.  What a coincidence and bingo.  We were watching TV… watching TV.  Please don’t mind me flipping the channels.  Here’s the playlist.американские сайты недвижимостиBinary Options Managed Account Reviewвидеокамеры наблюдения уличныеbanc de binary options brokerстатистика слов googleворд стат яндексмото в кредит москвакредит брокеркредит кукуруза заявкаденьги в долг срочно томсккупить кровать в кредиткупить резину 245 45 17 летняя резинаdivanetwork malaysiastock pair trading reviewsкисть для макияжа купитьскачать взломанную earn to die 2ссылкацерковь возрождение отзывы

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