For The Kids

Show #124 – Release date: 17. January 2009

The first podcast for 2009 comes from a suggestion of another Brain Damaged listener who thought it would be cool to have Floyd songs that appeal to children.  I think quite a bit of Floyd is suitable for children. They might not like it, but it won’t hurt’em.  They may even love Pink Floyd.

This podcast is for the little one in your life.  Most of what’s featured is early for it seems to have a more playful tone.  Part of the show consists of one long set with some cool sound effects thrown in.  This was a challenging theme and I hope I pulled it off.

1 thought on “For The Kids

  1. Hi Doc:
    With current ‘unprecedented’ stuck at home circs, getting op to go thru some older casts, some never heard b4 – like this one; and oh, how sweet in that wanted to share I also made a c-tape for my daughter YEARS ago of child friendly PF, after she heard so much travelling in the car: likewise (she wanted!) Effervesing Elephant was also on it – (along with Baby Elephant Walk – Mancini) – AND, get this, my edited version of the trance version of Echoes, coz she like to sing along to the ‘funny’ bits! boy! (She’s THIRTY now!): This was so cute, Doc.

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