Floyd’s Worst Moments

This podcast (show #42) features some of Floyd’s not so good moments on stage dealing with technical glitches, power outages, Roger’s short temper and Mother nature, to name a few. This podcast runs 2h:22m:42

When I did Brain Damage on the radio, sometimes I featured a full concert… is that something you would like me to continue to do? Please let me know by leaving your comments. Thank you and I hope you dig this latest podcast.  Here’s the playlist.

8 thoughts on “Floyd’s Worst Moments

  1. Dr Dr! I just discovered this podcast, combing through – this is fantastic work you’ve done putting these together. I know this is the Floyd’s Worst Moments show, but that is one funky good version of Pigs. Do you have track listings for all shows, or just some? Great work, I’ve got a lot of great listening ahead – thank you! NK

    • Hey NK! Not all podcasts have playlists, well the older one don’t. I think it makes for a fun and pleasantly surprising listen. Anyway, welcome aboard!

  2. Very interesting episode to hear, just the once mind. Lord knows where you dug this stuff up from. Good work as always, your efforts are much appreciated. Thanks Doc!

  3. Oh my god, thats all I have to say about this. The first Astronamy Domine is almost disterbing to listen to because it has been three thimes they tried to start Astronamy Domine. And much more… Thats all I have ot say

  4. Hey, I love all of your podcasts. This is really a nice resource for a Floyd fan. I have a request based on the “Floyd\’s Worst Moments” theme. May 30 1988 at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh. This was a great show, but the power cut out half way through and there was a slight delay before the show got rolling again. I\’d love to hear this show. I beleive the ROIO is called, “How do you like our pig”. I was pretty young back then and I had to meet my parents to pick me up before the show ended. I never heard the encore. If you could track down this show, it would would be appriciated. It would be like reliving one of my most favorite childhood memories. Keep up the good work. Your show is great. Don

  5. This stuff is unbelievable! Thanks, Doc! The service you provide to me and my Floyd boot sharing friends cannot be overstated! Any gigs from Syd-era? (got Sep 13 & Oct 12-are there any others in existence?) Or are there any from Saucerful or Obscured-era?

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