noun: the condition or quality of being like Pink Floyd.

Its been a good year for Floyd fans sans Pink Floyd with both Roger and David giving us some new material.  It got me thinking, how much solo material could be good enough, to be Pink Floyd material.  David, Rick, Roger and Nick had their own style of course but they are were all cut from the same cloth. That Pink Floyd thread, if you will. Here’s the playlist.  Enjoy and please share your thoughts!  Please donate, and Thank you!

6 thoughts on “Floydness

  1. Hi Doc. Discovered your site last year after the royal Albert Hall shows and I am now totally addicted. Your dedication and attention to detail is faultless. Keep up the good work.
    This floydness podcast is one of my favourites. How can I burn a copy to cd?

  2. hello Doc – I can not see the play button…. did you include it?… as i can not see it or play the show.

    I love what you do… thank you

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