Floyd PVD 1987

PVD is the airport code for Providence, Rhode Island. For this podcast, we go back to the 17th of October, 1987. Its the second of two nights about a month into the A Momentary Lapse of Reason Tour. Its the bands first time back to the New England area since 1977 and Floyd first time in Providence since 1973. The southern New England crowd is understandably very excited. I explain more in the podcast but I spent three months doctoring this up and the results have far surpassed my expectations. The podcast starts off with a newly surfaced demo of Yet Another Movie! I hope you enjoy! Please comment and if you’d like, donate! Thank you! Here’s the playlist. Be sure to look for a free lossless version on Yeeshkul, TDD and Dime shortly. Big thank you to the taper, Barry Rogoff (Balrog). Tapers ticket. Ticket (thanks Terry)

9 thoughts on “Floyd PVD 1987

  1. I can understand what it mustve been like trying to edit out this tasteless, disruptive banshee scream (i used to use editing software to do similar tasks). Ive heard innumerable bootleg recordings from various bands and ive never heard a fan this annoying. One can equate it with an uncontrollable mental patient with tourettes syndrome, or perhaps….remember Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, the feral child? She sounded like that kid screaming. Truly revolting.

  2. Sounds great! They were on fire that night!
    At the beginning I sort of listened after the lady screaming (because you had told us she was there) and she was definitely muted but after a while I automatically just immersed myself in the music and enjoyed it, as always with your podcasts.
    It would be interesting to have you include a longer “before and after” clip on shows like this where you edited out the likes of this woman from hell.

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