Floyd 420

Show #168, Release date: 20. April, 2011

A little overdue but on purpose.  It’s 4/20!  I thought it would be cool to feature just a few of Floyd’s best stoner tunes.  So roll one up and enjoy this one anywhere. Here’s the playlist!What are binary optionsпутевки на май в турциюhookah pen flavors no nicotineSandisk Memory Stick microM2 512MBводостойкий карандаш для глаз отзывыgoogle поиск для сайтаооо центр кредитденьги в долг гомельформы и виды кредитовдельта кредит челябинскхомер хоум кредитавтобусные экскурсии по тбилисисколько стоит загран паспортbbw escortвиды продвижения сайтаpowerampgo-hack.ruвидимость сайта

15 thoughts on “Floyd 420

  1. Happy belated 420-day to all! thanks for including “Madicon” Square Garden 77! That Animals tour was my first Floyd concert and it’s great to see and hear it again!

  2. I have dowloaded all podcasts and really appreciate your hard and efforts they do not go unoticed my brother! Being to every Roger show since In the Flesh you really cant replace or duplicate the feeling of being there, these are the closest thing to it and Listening to the Denver show form DSOM tour is just so incredible. Thank You very much!

  3. Nice…….Being a non smoker of anything, let me tell you this podcast works just as well with a few really cold beers.

  4. Please don’t take this as a criticism, but the town 420 came from is pronounced San Rah-fell. No biggie – unless you’ve lived or spent time in Marin County, it’s understandable to pronounce it like you did. 🙂

  5. thankyou again doc, for another, great podcast. this will be the very first show, i will put on my new ipod. oh i cant wait to play this podcast in my car. i upgraded the car’s system too. probably my favorite ,that i am going to blast in my car ,is the oakland shows,”shine on you crazy diamond” you must have doctored, that one up ,because it sounds better then ever! It puts chills down my spine, hearing david ,just rip on that guitar. does anyone know what type of guitar, he was playing, during the oakland tour, because it sounds so damn perfect!! thankyou again doc, for your wonderfull podcasts and a special thankyou to pink floyd. i hope they can reunite again. cheers everyone, kenny

  6. Many thanks Doc, Looking forward to this one. Can you tell me, what’s the story behind the well shot footage of the Chicago Wall on Youtube? Cheers Keith

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