Fillmore West 2.0

Sometimes better versions of concert recordings or more complete versions pop up over time. This podcast is an upgrade to a recording I featured 13 years ago. A much better version recently surfaced so I figured why not pay a revisit. It’s slightly doctored for supersound but credit goes to Buffalofloyd of Yeeshkul for fixing this up. It’s an epic gig from Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA. 29, April. 1970.  Here’s the playlist!

5 thoughts on “Fillmore West 2.0

  1. Doc love the podcast. Just had to hear Cymbaline. Loved the song since the early 70’s. Great work . I keep telling anyone who likes floyd, about your site. Keep up the great work.

  2. Another great show, doc! I think I speak for all listeners when I say how much I appreciate what you do. I just came across the Boston Matrix show from a few years ago and man, does that sound good! Kicking in a few bucks this week to support your efforts. Hope you find a steady gig soon!

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