Female of The Species

floydgirl_siteFinally, here she is, the next installment of Brain Damage… I meant to get her out a week and a half ago but life gets in the way sometimes.  I hope she was well worth the wait.  Anything but not everything to do with women is here.  This is for all the Floydettes.  Enjoy!  Here’s the Playlist.

19 thoughts on “Female of The Species

  1. An interesting thing about “The thin ice” is that during the Berlinconcert, Ute Lemper (for some reason) didn’t show up on stage so the song became an instrumental. Also, during the same concert, Sinead O’Connor freaked out at the audience and refused to sing “Mother”.
    The versions that is included on the DVD were recorded the day before and also after the concert. (My dad actually got the original concert on a VHS recorded from the live broadcast in swedish television.)

  2. i am looking for any roio’s of the original wall shows from germany. the floyd nation are telling me your the guy. harvest and rhino friends say your the guy. so are you the guy. nice job with the podcast. it sounds a bit wider. in a good way.

      • how about instead of “wider”; a “broader” sound. so if you be the guy, than i will gladly donate to your cause. what i would like to hear is a complete german wall show. i have seen a roio that came from a 6 lp straight from the master. have you heard of this roio. thanks for all the time consuming effort on your part.

        • I apologize… i’m still not sure what you mean. wider/broader sound with what? You need stereo imaging tweaked on a particular recording or do you mean I should feature more German Wall gigs?

          • no i apologize. alot of people dont like messing with original roio’s. its an integrity issue. ill give you an example. your podcast of 22 sept. 1972 floyd gig at the bowl has a better sound than my bootleg vinyl (crackers). blending two seprerate bootlegs into one made it better. you got skills no doubt. my wish is for (omeyad and german wall). i would like to see what you can do to these roio’s, doctor. (wider) is a reference to the music that is inhanced and brought forward. im a musician and not a sound guy. sorry for the confusion. you made it sound better.

  3. Not a Floydette, but a Floyd cadet: excellent podcast! Like you, I think the Shine On cover is wonderful but too short.

  4. Hello Matt,
    It is Bertrand from France. Thank you very much for the last podcast, just lesson to it now
    Regards from France, where the winter still wants to be of the party

  5. Very nice!
    I particularly likes the _too short) cover of SOYCD, and goodbye blue sky. It was also nice to hear some stuff from the long neglected 84 Gilmour tour (much under-rated), and Rog’s KAOS tour!

  6. hiya doc, thankyou again for this new podcast! love em! cant wait to listen to it! im all floyd tonight! hell yeah!
    cheers doc

  7. I was at the São Paulo concert. So fantastic.

    Great podcast. I’m really glad it’s back. You’re doing a great job, doc. Keep it up.

    Cheers from Brazil.

  8. let’s say this is one is gonna be quite an exciting one!! thanks sir, I can already tell it was all worth the wait! first run-through follows shortly! cheers, b.

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