Electric Factory

Show #43, Release date: 4. November, 2005
(Originally Show #29, Air date: 11. March, 2005)

Electric Factory, Philadelphia, Pa, 26. September, 70 – If you close your eyes, you will feel as though you are there in the room. The Electric Factory, in Philadelphia (as you can see on the photo) is not very big. You can hear peoples’ coughs echo off the walls during the quiet moments, it’s that small of a “room”.

The performance is excellent and there’s a good amount of experimentation going on… more than usual for a 1970 Floyd show (based on what I’ve heard so far). Every song is played beautifully from start to finish. Interstellar Overdrive was especially “interesting”. A very spaced out show indeed.

Whoever taped this show, where ever you are… I LOVE YOU!!!!!

8 thoughts on “Electric Factory

  1. I can now conclude that 1970 Floyd shows are the best, particular favourites being this one, Santa Monica and Crystal Palace.

    • Martin, I’m listening to episode #77, and Matt kicks it off with a special request from listener “Martin” for the Violent Sequence, from 11 Feb. 1970, Birmingham. I’m betting you’re the same Martin?? Excellent taste, sir! I’m also really digging the 1970 shows lately. Cheers!

  2. My sister was at that show; one of the roadies invited her up on stage for a better view. She sat on one of the amps for a while.

  3. I shit myself when i found this site. i was like WAHHHHHH ive always wanted to listen to pink floyd live MORE CONCERTS PLEASE!

  4. Nice to know of someone who knows more about floyd than I do. really long experimental one\’s these ones, good find man.

  5. A truely awesome recording, you are doing a tremendous job getting this out there. Definately a ***** episode – THANKS DOC!

  6. Some classic early Floyd material, I tend to get caught up in the later stuff so I like to hear the earlier stuff again to remind me of how good they have been throughout their career!

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