Eclipse – At Rainbow Theater

It was 50 years ago TODAY, Pink Floyd performed their 4th night at The Rainbow Theater, Finsbury Park, London. “In Rainbow Light” all doctored (as much as possible) for supersound. The first set consists mostly of “Best Of Tour 72” and the rest from other sources. I did the best I could to improve the sound from one to another. Enjoy! Here’s the playlist.

6 thoughts on “Eclipse – At Rainbow Theater

  1. Hi Doc, thank you. Great show, great work over the years. To all listeners: the best way to make sure we can keep listening the shows is to donate. I donated.
    Regards from Hannover

  2. Thank you ever so much Doc. I can’t wait to sink into this. Thank you for the many many years you have brought us such wonderful podcasts, of the Floyd. We owe you so much my brother. Cheers

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