echoIt all started out as a collection of ideas called “Nothing, Parts 1-24” (often mislabeled as “Nothing, Parts 1-36”, there were only 24).  It was given many names, like, We Won The Double, Return of the Sun of Nothing and later referred to as Looking Through the Knothole in Granny’s Wooden Leg and The March of The Dambusters.  Not too confusing but there’s no mistaking it’s one hell of an epic piece of music and perhaps Pink Floyd most iconic.  Here’s the playlist but its only one song (guess which one) but seven different versions throughout the years… PING!

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  1. Fruitless to try to keep track of which performance is my #1 fave. Jumping around various downloads always makes me change my mind. In general, I admire whichever show it is, where they ‘hold their breath the longest’ before letting go and crashing into the conclusion of the song. I don’t know how to describe it, my savvy of musical terminology is nil.

    • Hi EB White,
      any version of Echoes is the best version, but the very best version is Doc’s version of “Echoes” with “Nothing Part 14”. Our friend has achieved something really, really, really, really, really extraordinary. Thank you, Doc!
      Regards from Hannover

  2. Hi Doc, do you know this:
    It’s an awesome cover, for me the best ever. Perhaps a filler or hidden track for one of your next podcasts or is it a question of license? If it’s not an issue for you, please post this:

    For everyone who loves also “Echoes” in every version:
    It’s an awesome cover by Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, Lockn’ Farm
    Arrington, VA, August 14, 2021.
    Regards from Hannover

  3. This could be my favorite podcast episode of them all. This and Cleveland 1971. Truly, one of the band’s stand out arrangements. Thanks again Doc 4 all these absolutely brilliant concerts and recordings!! Well done lad. Well done indeed….

  4. The Decemberists are a fine band and I was really tickled to see that’s who covered Echoes at the end. I am not a fan who especially digs slavish re-creations of the Floyd “canon” so I really enjoyed hearing them have some fun with it. Thanks, Doc!

  5. A lots of gratitude for this echoed podcast, just wandering who issued the hidden version at the end of it, sounds like if david bowie had a younger brother singing it…Bertrand

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  7. “Echoes” ist mein Lieblingssong von Pink Floyd, seitdem ich ihn 1971 das erste mal im Radio gehört und mit einem Röhrentonbandgerät aufgenommen habe, noch bevor es die LP in Deutschland zu kaufen gab. Und ich liebe alle Live-Versionen davon. Aber es gibt daneben einige Live-Covers von anderen Bands, die auch wahnsinnig interessant, abwechslungsreich, ungewöhnlich, aber auch zum Teil langweilig sind. Z.B. von Mr Blotto (2012), Dopapod (2013), New Gravity (2010), Pallas (with Fish) (1982), Connor Kennedy (2011), The Southern Bells (2013), Somah (1996), The Lions Science (2013), New Monsoon (2004 – 2013), Disco Biscuits (2008), Ghosts of Jupiter (2014), Kennedave (2008), Burning River Band (2005 – 2008), Instagon (2003), Mondo Gecko (2010), The Brew (2007), Green Tag Sale (2008), nero (2004), Shleigho (1997), Ocean Exposition (2005), Moonshine Still (2001 – 2005), Ekoostik Hookah (2005), moe. (2009), Stone Grove (2005). Es lohnt sich, alle anzuhören. Es gibt viel zu entdecken… Aber das Original ist immer noch am besten! Grüße aus Hannover!

  8. Blinding Tune Echoes Is. The 2nd Floyd Song I’v Herd (Atom Heart Mother Being The First). Dave And Rick Singing Togeather, Gilmours Guitar Work And Ricks Keyboard Skills Is The Reason Its A Master Piece. Every Version I Hear Is Different And Even Though They Added The Saxophone In 1975 It Still Sounded Refreshing. Even Though They Got The Lyrics Messed Up In 1987 It Was A Good Way To Open Up The Tour. I Enjoyed The 2006 Versions Too And Would Recomend The Australian Pink Floyd Shows Version Of Echoes To Anyone. Thanks Again Doc

  9. Excellent! One of the few songs in their catalog that they have played with significant changes over the years. So who performed the easter egg at the end?

  10. Like a lot of teenagers, the hook that got me into Floyd was “The Wall” and (after listening to that about 500 times) I started playing some of my old man’s other Floyd albums and (I’m sure this is the way it went for many) happened upon this extraordinary 20 minute track that just DID. NOT. LEAVE. my turntable. Must have had it on repeat for 2 weeks. Back from school – Echoes, sneak out for a number and come back in – Echoes, 20 minutes spare – Echoes can’t get to sleep – Echoes. This isn’t just a piece of music – it’s a place to visit and get lost in.

    • Well said!! I’m sure many people discovered Pink Floyd via some one else’s recordings. Cool to hear that you found about them off your dad’s records.

  11. Ha, I understood all the hints on FB right 😉 Guess here we have some of the best sounding versions, for that exact reason all versions except the first one are regulars on my all-songs playlists, 4 of them on my mp3player right now.
    Recently I listened to the fabulous Vienne 2006 bootleg, a video of Philadelphia 87-09-19 I found on YT or for an early version there is also Montreux sbd.
    I won’t say I know them by heart, but it is sometimes even more special if I sometimes notice some differences in the improvisations to the usual versions 🙂
    Makes me wonder again, how much of the different band-sound we can notice between say the early 70s and the last big tours and beyond is due to the better recording – or the band / their instruments acutally sounding better, with better technology etc… Even in official recordings, you can’t even morph Pompeii and Remember t.N. together without a noticable different sound… (ok, maybe more musicians is the biggest difference?!) David singing the high parts was one of the reasons the song didn’t really work 87 imo., also with Rick as the then main-voice missing some lines :/ Still wonder why they left out the first bridge/chorus after the first verse though, if they were short of time they cut have done less instrumental improvising? Same 2006
    Well, downloading this episode right now, guess I will follow these comparisons through the years the next few days. Rock on!

  12. I’ve been wanting something like this for awhile! My thoughts were to do it with “Careful with That Axe, Eugene,” since I have about 20 different versions in my iTunes library and it’s a bit shorter, but yeah!

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