Down To The Letter

Francesco_Torniello_da_Novara_Letter_P_1517 There’s a message, an opinion if you will, in these prime cuts of floydness.  See if you can find it.  It’s fairly easy right down to the letter but here’s the playlist in case you get stuck and need some help.  Enjoy!

For Storm

17 thoughts on “Down To The Letter

  1. The Gunners Dream
    High Hopes
    Another brick in the wall (part1)
    Nobody Home
    Keep Takling
    On the run
    Remember a Day
    The Trial
    Hey You
    In the Flesh
    Spanish piece
    Wish you were here
    One of these days
    Nice Pair
    Dinning of the Day
    Rise my Rent
    Filthy Hands off my Desert
    Us & Them
    Learning to fly
    One of my turns
    Drop in from the top

  2. Doc
    2 Y’s and no D maybe? “You Gotta Be Crazy”!
    Another great podcast. Fine job, Doc. Fantastic recording of “Embryo”.

    Tom a.k.a. Wyomarus

  3. Not a bad episode at all, really enjoyed it.
    I really liked Remember, touching.
    Can’t remember if I’ve heard that before.
    Every Floyd fan should check this one out, great mix.
    Oh, If was really cool too.
    Nice to hear Storm at the front, was lovely of him to record that.
    Early Floyd tracks were just the ticket too. Cheers! 🙂

  4. finally listening to the podcast the other day. i agree with the comments….. yes they do and always will. great podcast again. thanks doc.

  5. great podcast! One of the best in a while.

    Can’t wait to hear that soundboard recording of PACOH tour. “If” sounded absolutely incredible!

    Thanks Doc

  6. Matt i cant wait to hear this podcast. i sooo look foward to them every month and i thankyou. when im at work, i listen to them all the time and it passes the time so damn much, especially when i love listening to floyd and then when you come on, its just like listening to a professional radio station.
    i have to tell you matt, ive been listening to the pinkfloyd station on xm sat. radio, and ill tell you, THEY NEED YOU THERE! omg they play all floyd, but with no meaning. The songs are all mixed up, there are no perfect album sides, they cut the end of the songs off, there are little too, no interviews, and they seem to be only playing what a casual, pink floyd fan ,wants to hear. hell they never played anything even off the “more” or ” nothing really of “atom heart mother” its kind of pathetic. hell i never even hear any of david gilmours solos at all. i just dont understand it.
    Matt what i am trying to say ,is that you put together your all, and put meaning in every song ,that i hear in your podcasts.. its also have all of the live concerts , which really tops it all. i sooooo thankyou for the work that you do!
    i dont know if it fits here but, i hope you are all doing better there in boston, after the marathon. trust me everything will get back to normal. it really did here,in nyc also. it takes time. keep positive.
    thankyou again matt, your podcast’s rocks!!!!!!!!

  7. Fearless
    Us & Them
    Not Now John
    Piddle in Perspex
    Any Colour You Like
    Set the Controls
    Take it Back
    The Show Must Go On
    Have a Cigar
    Arnold Layne
    Nobody Home
    Keep Talking
    Summer ‘68

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