Desert Trip

dtWe start things off with a surprise and end it with two more.  Sandwiched in the middle is a gripping performance from Roger and his band during the second weekend of Desert Trip, October 16th in Indio California.  The recording is amazing and but slightly doctored up to bring out the best possible sound.  I hope you enjoy!  If you do, please consider a small donation to help keep the site running. Thank you!  Here’s the playlist/

15 thoughts on “Desert Trip

  1. Not to change the subject on such a wonderful podcast but did I miss a podcast?
    Doc, was there a #235 podcast? The podcast that would have been #235 is the “secret podcast” #179a and podcast #138 is the “In the Video Zone”
    Please let me know. Thanks a lot everyone:)

  2. Am I the only one that is a wee bit fed up with all the new versions of all the old songs ? Would it be too much to ask for some new material Mr Waters. Its been a long wait.

  3. Lovely long show, thanks a lot. I am not that keen on the back-up ladies though, a little to “screamy” for me. Sam Brown still did it best in my opinion.

  4. Oh man! I wasn’t going to get the entire box set, just some of the individual ones, but listening to that is making me consider selling a kidney!

  5. Fucking A!!! Clarity of sound! the Band Members! Roger! and those Ladies, Holly and Jesse!!! This I would say is your Best Podcast Ever! Thank You so much coming from someone who has no chance of going to any gigs!!!

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