Delicate Sound of Miami

Show #128 – Release date: 14. March 2009

Here’s an excellent soundboard recording from the Orange Bowl in Miami, 1. November, 1987.  It was a very rainy evening.  So much so that it kept the Pig from making an appearance.  As the show progressed, so did the rain.  Listen closely for the delicate sound of thunder off in the distance while Gilmour comments on the weather.

This recording had several glitches repaired before it landed in my lap but I noticed a few others that got over looked.  I repaired those, lifted the sound and gave it a wider presence, EQ and all that jazz.  Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Delicate Sound of Miami

    • Why would you do that!? The audio from Atlanta is perfectly fine. It’s really unneccessary to take audio from another show and put it over the video from another. To be honest it upsets me that you did that. Please DO NOT USE my podcast audio for your hack projects!

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