David Gilmour’s Guitar Collection

I got myself a copy of “The David Gilmour Guitar Collection” catalogue/catalog (take your pick) and while/whilst (circle one) flipping through, the idea hit me.  A companion podcast! If you have a copy, you’ll enjoy listening as you read about the guitar your listening to. If you don’t have it, it’s still a great listen. Here’s the playlist!  Enjoy!

I’d love to know what you think!  Please leave a reply below and/or (there’s that select-a-word thing again) my twitter or Facebook fan page!  Consider a small donation?  Thank you!

UPDATE: You don’t need a hard copy of the catalogue. Christie’s has an interactive e-catalogue or you can download it here.

18 thoughts on “David Gilmour’s Guitar Collection

  1. I think the next album can be recorded with Nick Mason and this work will become part of the Pink Floyd discography.

  2. Beautiful choice of songs as well. Great refreshing idea! David is donating all of the money from the sale of his guitars to charity. Let’s make a small donation to keep this incredible site going. It was my very first “Podcast” and by far my favorite.

  3. Amazing my friend and thank you. I am a luthier and I clone many of David’s guitars. It was great to have this playing in the background. I will donate soon:)

  4. Thank jou very much. I did not buy the book having some doubts. Is it really good or just fun to read only once .?

    • Thanks! I discovered that and its fixed. I swapped out the song for another one that definitely had the red strat in it and I know that because I was there 🙂

  5. I’ve listened to just about everything BD you’ve put out there. This is one of your best compilations, almost certainly your most ambitious one and your biggest accomplishment! Nice work.

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