David Gilmour in NYC

Many of you have asked me which Gilmour shows I’ll be attending in NYC. I wish I could say all but I’ll only be attending the MSG gig tomorrow on the 11th.

Those of you who are interested in meeting up… You’ll find me at Local West Cafe next to MSG from 4p till around 7:30p. I’ll be on the roof deck (weather permitting). Hope to see you there.OK Optionsкитайские ноутбуки отзывысафари в кенииEcopia EP150онлайн операторbinary option brokersфорд в кредиттойота кредит банкномер телефона банка хоум кредиткредит наличными в сургутезайм в сочиsobe rentalsадвокат отзывы24option reviewпродвижение сайтов в сетиkontaktmaster.comwirelessцерковь возрождение киров

8 thoughts on “David Gilmour in NYC

  1. Great to meet you in person, brother!

    I was still blown away by the melody from a certain song being in In Any Tongue!

    I wish you made it to Tuesday. It was stellar! No flubs AND they sounded even better! I was floored!

    Hope to see you sooner than later.

    • It was awesome. David and the band were tight. they clearly were having a good time. David flubbed up a little here and there but at least you know its live. 🙂

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