David Gilmour 84

dg1984podMost of this is from the “David Gilmour In Concert” video that was recorded and broadcast by MTV and released onto VHS in 1984 (now out of print).  All three nights at Hammersmith Odeon, London, were filmed.  This is the last night, 30. April, 1984 with special guests Roy Harper and Nick Mason.  Some tracks had to be sourced elsewhere to make this a complete concert.  I explain in the podcast.  Here’s the playlist.  Hope you enjoy!  Please consider a small donation, if you do.  Thank you.

22 thoughts on “David Gilmour 84

  1. Nice show Doc!
    It started playing on my iPod just now and it’s wonderful!
    Thank you!
    Let’s get David to play Raise My Rent on his next tour!

  2. it would be so cool to see David play some material from his first two solo outings along with his newer stuff.

  3. An absolute shame he never did “Raise My Rent”. In 84 I sat and prayed during each tune, hoping he would pull that one out. Do you know if he ever performed that tune live? His guitar work on that song, IMHO is in his top 5 of his entire career. Thanks Doc!

  4. I have a MINT copy of the VHS. It is very cool and the picture quality is excellent for it’s age. It is not a rental. The extra footage at the end “Beyond the Floyd” is also very good. I will sell this to anyone who is interested with the proceeds going to Matt and this incredible site. Sound good? I also have the program from the show as well. I saw it at The Bushnell in Hartford CT. The program is in good condition. It still has the insert. I will sell them together, with again proceeds going to Brain Damage:)

  5. O for some first solo album material to be included in the RAH shows later this year…

    Doc, do you know how the originally played ‘I Can’t Breathe Anymore’ finished in ’84? (vs the fade out from Super Bear)

    About fac’ing time! About fac’ing amazing…


  6. My memory of this show at the Universal Amphitheater in L.A. (now defunct) is that I brought a date, a black woman a few years older than I, who had never been to a proper rock and roll concert, just jazz, classical and gospel. When the lights started flashing and the synth started booming and the percussion exploded as David started that first song, she was gobsmacked by the power of it and grabbed my arm and said something like “Oh my God”! I was most impressed with Jody Linscott on percussion, a wild woman, and most amused by Raphael Ravenscroft proudly rocking a super mullet and knee boots. Great show and a bit harder rocking than the other Gilmour tours.

  7. Excellent podcast. I gave it a listen and I think it’s great considering what you had to work with.
    Just one question: Is it just me, or is Near The End missing?

  8. This was the concert me and my friend meet David gilmour and nick mason,it was after the concert at the rear exit door,will never forget, dave and nick had all the time in the world for us. 🙂

  9. This looks excellent Matt. Can’t wait to give it a listen. I’ve tried to compile a complete 1984 show myself but the result was partly flawed due to lack of some songs in good quality. So I am very eager to hear how you have managed the task ☺

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