Dark Side Of The Silverdome

Show #108 Release date: 5. April, 2008

The Silverdome, Pontiac, Michigan, 15. July, 1994.  This is perhaps the most historically significant engagement during Pink Floyd’s Division Bell Tour.  Not much else during the tour, in the grand scheme of things, could compare to the second night in Detroit when the audience was treated to a first entire performance of Dark Side Of The Moon since 1975.  We start out with a unique version of Saucerful Of Secrets recorded at the “Amsterdam Rock Circus” in Olympic Stadium, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 22. May, 1972.  It’s ALL doctored up for best possible sound.  Enjoy!

15 thoughts on “Dark Side Of The Silverdome

  1. I had just turned 21. I had seen Pink Floyd only once before, The Palace of Auburn Hills, August of ’88. Friends and I made the parking lot at The Dome by 4 p.m. Passing time throwing frisbee and smoking pot in the lot, the bands soundcheck came eminating from inside the cavernous white bubble, giving us pause. They were running through ‘Brain Damage/Eclipse’. We had other friends who went down on 7-14 and they gave us the low down on the setlist. As was par for the band, we expected a pretty tight copy of the night before. Hearing the chorus of ‘Brain Damage’ and its zenith “I’ll see you on the Dark Side of the Moon” our minds raced toward the possibilities of what might be in store for us.
    What we witnessed was the greatest concert spectacle i have ever witnessed, and truly suspect, I ever will witness.

    • I was there as well. The feeling in that dome was electric when the crowd realized they were beginning to play Dark Side. Will ever forget it

  2. I had tickets to that show with some buddies, but was paying my way thru school working 12 hr days 7 days a week at a factory and playing in a band at the same time that summer break and almost didn’t go… until some co-workers came in on 7/15 after seeing the 7/14 show and convinced me. 3 o’clock hit and I made the trek from Owosso to Pontiac. Best show I’d ever seen, the Dark Side was amazing, and it completely took my vision of the perfect live performance to the nth level.

  3. I was there with my then fiancé – now wife – a month before we were getting married. I was a longtime Pink Floyd fanatic and she was becoming a fan. It was an amazing concert and a great immersion into what she was going to experience for the rest of her life. Very few concerts have ever come close to that experience, with Roger Waters’ The Wall being the only exception.

  4. Saw The Floyd at Soldier Field on this tour. I heard rumors that DSOTM was going to be played but it didn’t happen until the Silverdome

  5. Was there, and snuck in through a hole that was mysteriously cut in the fence right behind one of the semi trucks (I assume the bands)… Me and my buddy crawled through and had this rather large unobstructed grass field we had to cover with a quickness… We make it to an entrance & I swear to the Gods that a security guy, once we got through these open doors, grabbed us from the back of our shirts & asked; “Where are your passes?”… Standing silent and immediately thinking we were about to get bounced out, the guy says; “Your not suppose to be here, your suppose to be here,” and proceeds to escort us through another set of doors which plopped us about 45′ from stage left! I kid you not, when he was out of sight we both looked at eachother and howled to the heavens in our delight & luck. By far the best show Ive ever seen to this day (May 2016) – and like many of you, Ive been to a bunch – The GD, Phish, and many many more countless times. Ive NEVER seen showmanship, nor a stage show/lights like this night before or since. THANK YOU PINK FLOYD… it was a defining moment in my life to see you guys play DSOTM, and wow… just …THANK YOU! Caught the Cleveland show as well, and although that was a great concert, the Silverdome show was the BEST!

  6. I was there. In the silverdome. When I got home it was 1:30 am and I woke my wife and said “the next time you see me this happy, I will be looking at God.”
    She said “go to freaking sleep”.

      • Anyone out there remember a giant chrome/plant/flower that rose out of the middle of the silverdome floor, growing leaves as it rose and when the flower bud at the top opened it looked like a chrome marigold and started spinning to, I think, the base riff of one of these days? I have been looking for pics and video but have no luck. And I only had about 20 oz. of alcohol in me that night. Totally sober.

  7. I was there! Detroit has been waiting for a return show ever since! It was beyond all expectations. Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

  8. I have enjoyed pink Floyd since I was a kid. We are all getting older,life is short. I’m looking forward to the new album my best to David and Nick

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