Dark Side Of The Moon World Tour

Roger is almost set to wrap up his current South American Us + Them tour.  A few days ago while at Estadio Nacional, Santiago, Chile, he played The Gunners Dream, which is included in this podcast.  This edition of Brain Damage, we go back eleven years but stay at the same venue for Roger’s Dark Side of The Moon World Tour.  Here’s the playlist.  Please remember to donate and leave comments! Thank you and enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Dark Side Of The Moon World Tour

  1. Great start for the week in the morning gym! Nick and the boys did so much more with “Set the controls” though, looking forward to seeing that with you in Cambridge!

    Did an extra donation just now, not the full $300, but I hope it helps. We can’t have you closing down on us. 🙂

  2. thanks doctor i wish he wouldve played these songs in the states i live in cleveland and about the biggest floyd fan ever love your site!

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