Cold Connection

It occurred to me that I’ve never done a theme like this.  The title should give it away but its still fun to find the connection burred in each song.  This episode is on the shorter side but I hope you’ll still find it as riveting as all the others.  It’s podcasts like this I hate posting playlists because it spoils the fun, but here it is.  Anyway, don’t be shy, please leave a comment and tell your Pink Floyd friends about

25 thoughts on “Cold Connection

  1. Fantastic collection of songs! Thank You so much for posting. A friend in Canada told me about this last week and I have been enjoying ever since. I did tell a friend about it today! Pigs sounds so good and deeper, WYWH is amazing and I am having a great time listening. Thanks Doc, you have a new fan!

  2. Great podcast, and nice to hear Terminal Frost in there. Great overlooked track from the excellent, beautifully flowing second side of AMLOR.

  3. Great podcast. Just to pickup on your comment about Pigs likely to be on Rogers upcoming set list due to the current political climate… Not quite sure what reference you are making here… I’m assuming you are referring to the “whitehouse” lyric in the song ihowever it’s nothing to do with the USA, but rather a reference to “Mary Whitehouse” who was a vocal British campaigner for sensorship!

    Apologies if I got the wrong end if the stick!

  4. OOTD. Trying to figure out why it is included. I thought maybe because it was the coldest sentiment you could find…

    Then I thought of RLH, “… in a cardboard box.”

  5. Barbecued brats and burgers over the weekend at my son’s house with his wife and family. We played the podcast and they loved it.
    Thanks Doc.

  6. Thanks Doc, I’m looking forward to this. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but in my country a Simpleton Carnival Barker has been elected President, and it’s a real damn drag. I swear, Pee Wee Herman would be a distinct improvement. Or, Gilligan — even tho he’s dead.

    So, ..I’m looking for a place of retreat, and this should do nicely.

    Thanks so much for the YEARS & YEARS & YEARS of work you’ve freely given to the Floyd Fan Community. It’s appreciated.

  7. doc such ban amazing podcast!! thankyou thankyou thankyou! i absolutely loved the new version of “pigs” from roger waters!! god it sounds sooooo damn wonderful, clear, loud, and bassy. very nice.
    the selections of songs that you picked for this podcast were out of this world!. hearing the wind blow in the song ” hey you ” just puts chills down my spine.
    just wondering, is “one of these days ” from rogers live concert last year?
    great podcast my brotha. thankyou soo much again Doc!

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