Cold Comfort For Change

Show #145 Release date: 01. December, 2009

Ivor Wynne Stadium, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, 28. June 1975. Here’s a gig that been long overdue for a podcast..

This features the second to last performance of Echoes with Roger still in the band.  Their performance is excellent and the sound is amazing (after fixing it up of course).

It was the last show of the North American Tour so in a dramatic finale, Pink Floyd’s crew decided to go out with a bang and used up their remaining pyrotechnics around the stadium scoreboard.  The explosion at the climax of the show was so intense it blew the scoreboard to pieces and shattered windows in neighboring houses.   All in the name of Floyd.

Please note this will be the last podcast of 2009.  I wish you a safe and happy holiday season and a peaceful New Year!

1 thought on “Cold Comfort For Change

  1. I wasn’t tempted to purchase the DSOTM immersion box set but I was sorely tempted to purchase the WYWH immersion set. Mainly because I’m fascinated by the Hipgnosis design and symbology. We always hear how the DSOTM design was arrived at, but rarely anything about WYWY. I was recently reading over the list of materials included in the box and the ‘cigarette cards’ caught my attention. The symbology of the cigarette in the agent’s mouth. The notes for the box (I was reading this on-line) hastened to add that even though these unusual and exotic cigarette cards are part of the materials compiled for the set and even though they display a rich combination of graphic designs referencing the cigarette in the album art..the cards are “in fact”…’anti-cigarette’. What? It’s like, hysteria over cigarettes forces even a historical reference to cigarettes to be qualified and re-purposed to fit today’s sanitized doublespeak. Cigarette girls in 1940s nightclubs? Don’t even try to revive that concept.

    Oh well. All the various ‘WYWH’ versions available on floydpodcast have been a real eye-opener.

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