Cleveland 1971

Yes!!!!  It’s another gig from 1971.  This time from Pink Floyd’s most extensive North American tour to date. This podcast features a very nice recording from Emerson Gymnasium, at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio… 6th of November.  It’s just another stop along the tour but the band sounds incredible.  You can tell their having a good time.  Hope you enjoy it as much as the audience did.  Here’s the playlist

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  1. I was revisiting this podcast and wanted to add some additional facts::The first time I saw Wish You Were Here (Northern Ohio’s excellent musical tribute to Pink Floyd ( was at a small hall where they were performing as Acoustic Side of the Moon, a stripped-down acoustic subset of the band. After the show, I went up to them and said, “I saw Pink Floyd in a gymnasium in 1971 and you gave me the same vibe and feel as the real thing”! Eric replied, “You know that concert is available online”! This is the best version from this source I have ever heard!

    The Cat City Commune people helped run Genesis the first vegetarian restaurant in Cleveland. The produce was organically grown on a farm called Frog Hollow. In the 1970s they were the go-to place that the big concert promoters went for food for bands with vegetarian members. They got to meet and feed Jefferson Airplane, Yes, and many others. The band Genesis on one of their first tours hopped on the Rapid Transit and swept into the restaurant. Peter Gabrial and company exclaiming, “Hey, you have a restaurant named after our band!” To which the restauranteers replied, “You have a band named after our restaurant!”

  2. Excellent Podcast Doc!
    I love the pre Dark Side era, it was magical. And this one sounds really really good! Don’t think I’ve heard it before! Hopefully there’s be more of this kind 🙂
    Thank you sir!

  3. You keep on spoling us, Doc. What a gig and what a set! For once I am quite pleased to hear the audience comments (some of it anyway) and together with Roberts description above gives a great picture of what was happening. “Is that quadrophonic?” =) Also funny to hear the guy at the beginning of Set The Controls telling his friends that it is Astronomy Domine. 😀

    I agree that a relaxed feeling on stage comes through in the music and perticular in DG:s singing. How about we all lobby for him to do Embryo the nex time we meet up to see him at RAH? Image what he could do with that today if he is just let loose…

    • That friend would be me: A remembery Nov. 6, 1971, We had been fans of Pink Floyd since “Piper at the Gates Of Dawn” So when we heard they were playing in the area we had to go. Having done the usual preconcert herbal inhalation therapy (it WAS the 70s) We piled into my 1967 metal flake blue cougar, The “Beastie”, and growled our way across town to CWRU. We arrived, paid our $4.50 and found ourselves in a large gym with the bleachers folded back and a tarpaulin covering the basketball court with a stage at the far end. There were speakers on both sides at the rear of the hall, on the top of the bleachers half way down the hall and on the stage.
      We found seats in the center of the hall where we could see the stage very well. There we met up with our east side friends from the Cat City Commune. My (late) friend Rob was a master modeler and had created a disposable pipe out of poster-board. About 3 inches in diameter with a regular brass bowl screwed into the center, It had “PINK FLOYD MEMORIAL PIPE” arching across its top. This got filled with the “Killer Jamaican” which we had reserved for the occasion. The couple sitting to our right ( he introduced himself as “Star”) had brought, oh, about half a pound or so of absolutely stunning herb himself. As Pink Floyd took the stage the little enlightened memorial pipe was passed all the way to the bleachers on the left, up a row, all the way to the bleachers on the right, back to our row where Star or one of us would refill it relight it and send it on its way to continue its journey – as it did for most of the concert.
      The reason for all the speakers became clear very quickly as Pink Floyd was performing in Quadraphonic Stereo which allowed them to position sounds anywhere in the hall. (Rick Wright had a chrome shift knob (The azimuth coordinator) which allowed him to pan the sound around the hall).
      The azimuth coordinator was used to great effect during Set The Controls for the Heart of the Sun, One of these Days, and Echoes. The overall performance was just stunning. One of my most vivid memories of that concert is Cymbaline. By that late in the concert the little pipe having continued its journey had done its work well and we were holding on to the tarpaulin for fear of floating away. The full moon is magically shining through the high windows of the gymnasium. In the middle of the song music fades out and the lights go off. In the darkness, it sounds like a fellow enters the back of the hall walks across the hall climbs up some stairs opens the door a lady laughs hysterically. He slams the door runs down the stairs turns the corner walks along the side of the hall to the front of the stage turns the corner walks to the middle of the stage, opens the door and the band starts again! All in all certainly one of my favorite and most enjoyable concerts ever! We suspect but can never confirm that the taper was one Jim Jones ( 1950 -2008) guitarist with Pere Ubu, Easter Monkeys, Styrenes, Mirrors and many more legendary experimental Cleveland Bands!
      Thanks Matt!

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