Chateau de Chantilly 94

I’ve been in the mood for something from the European Division Bell Tour.  Maybe I should of done this podcast last month.  It’s hard to think these concerts were almost 25 years ago.  For this podcast, we go to Chateau de Chantilly, Chantilly, France, 30. July 1994.  Here’s the playlist!

12 thoughts on “Chateau de Chantilly 94

  1. I really love these pulse shows. The last stop on the tour, earls court, Gilmour sounds so lethargic and uninspired, like he just put everything on autopilot. Some of these other stops are so much more inspired.

  2. I was in Jerseywhen this show came up////Very close to Franc/ I messedup and never made it.And it was on my birthday…Sad !
    Thank you for this show…It means a lot to me. Paul

      • Hi Doc. Ok. Compared it to the Chantilly 31/07/1994 boot I have. In your podcast the sound is clearer and crisper. Ideal to listen to it LOUD for example on a long car ride. Both recordings don’t have a lot of bass. That means not so super cool with headphones. But nevertheless a great show and your doctored up version is much appreciated. Cheers.

        • Thanks Thomas! I appreciate the kind words and constructive criticism. So needs more bass? Did you try using a bass booster setting or treble reducer? Curious. I want to make sure I have the best possible EQ.

          • Hi Doc. I didn’t yet. Could try a bass booster. But I confess: I like it when there’s a lot of bass. To some people it might be too much then.

          • I was actually at this show. Can’t believe it was almost 25 years ago. Massive lightening storm at the end too.

  3. Great show and pod, as always.
    I agree on the clapping, talking, flashig and would like to add the constant walking about that seems to be more and more common. Getting drinks, going to the toilet (as a result from getting the drinks) or just arriving late or leaving early. At Roger’s show in Copenhagen last weekend it looked like an ant hill down on the floor, especially when he was performing songs from the latest album. Incredible annoying for the fellow concert goers and disrespectful of the performer. When the show starts, sit down, shut up and stay put. Plan your show thereafter.

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