At The Omni

Show #179, Release date: 04. December, 2011

It feels like its been a while since a full Floyd concert’cast.  I’ve been meaning to feature this one for a long time but kept putting it off.  It’s Pink Floyd’s first visit to Atlanta Georgia in ten years.  Over a three day period, they filmed and recorded in what was supposed to be a precursor to ‘delicate’.  Doctored up and whatnot…  Enjoy and thanks for leaving comments!  I love them.  Don’t stop!

BBC Archives 67-69 – 40th Anniversary Edition

Show #150 Release date: 16. April, 2010

For this special edition of Brian Damage, accompanying us is RonToon of Harvested Records to discuss what Harvested does and to focus on their incredible sounding upgraded version of “BBC Archives 1967-1969”.  The liner notes say “This release required a lot of work and took more than 6 months to complete. The purpose was to present each track in the best possible quality. The process was long because it was performed on a track by track basis. For each song, we had to compare many different sources in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each version and then decide which one(s) to work on. The mastering work was done very carefully, trying to repair every flaw that could be corrected… and there were a lot (tape warble, crackles, drop-outs, incorrect speed, etc).”  Enjoy!

Note: The Harvested release contains more tracks than whats here.  Mmwwahahahaaa!

Forwards In Reverse

Show #149 Release date: 24. March, 2010

The name of the podcast almost has nothing to do with the theme but it does describe the manner in which it progresses.  A few weeks ago I realized that I’ve never featured the KQED sessions in full, not even on the radio back in 2004.  Crazy I neglected this for so long and its long overdue.  For the rest of the podcast, I wasn’t 100% sure what direction to take it.  Well, the other day, Craig Williams, who’s responsible for the last podcast idea again suggested the following, “Years ago you did a podcast featuring a compilation of the Pink Floyd radio sessions, well how about doing one featuring their appearances on TV. As it focuses on the bands early years, it provides a nice contrast to recent podcasts”  He also suggested KQED.  What a coincidence and bingo.  We were watching TV… watching TV.  Please don’t mind me flipping the channels.  Here’s the playlist.

The London Rehearsals

Show #134 Release date: 31. May, 2009

Several months ago the guys over at Free Range Pigs in association with Harvested Records released a soundboard recording of a rehearsal in a small London studio with The Bleeding Heart Band.  Its believed someone who worked in the post-production studio, made a copy of the master tape, or plugged his recorder into the soundboard. Ultimately, hes the one to thank.

Delicate Sound of Miami

Show #128 – Release date: 14. March 2009

Here’s an excellent soundboard recording from the Orange Bowl in Miami, 1. November, 1987.  It was a very rainy evening.  So much so that it kept the Pig from making an appearance.  As the show progressed, so did the rain.  Listen closely for the delicate sound of thunder off in the distance while Gilmour comments on the weather.

This recording had several glitches repaired before it landed in my lap but I noticed a few others that got over looked.  I repaired those, lifted the sound and gave it a wider presence, EQ and all that jazz.  Enjoy!

Before The Fire 2.0

Show #127, Release date: 28. February, 2009

This podcast was taken from a bootleg called “The Good & The Bad.”  I left out the bad and give you the good but still lots of tweaking was necessary for this one.

Originally Floyd was scheduled for the 21st but a second show was added at the last minute.  Both shows were recorded by EMI and later had pressed white-label acetates, which included an interview with David in French.  Not much came from these recordings but it’s likely they would of been used for promotional purposes and not for commercial release.

Super Pop ’70 VII, Casino de Montreux, Montreux, Switzerland, 22. November 1970.

Surprise, surprise, surprise!

Show #114 Release date: 11. July, 2008

Bet you didn’t think you”d see a new podcast so soon, well I had an itch to scratch.  I managed to put this one together with what little spare time I had.  Thank you for all the nice comments.  Most of you have been going through some withdrawal… So medication time!

Roger Waters, In The Flesh 2002 Tour, live from Estadio Nacional, Santiago, Chile, 5. March 2002.  Doctored for supersound!

Stage of The Alps

Show #98 – Release date: 9. November, 2007

Originally featured on Brain Damage Show #32, Air date: 1. April, 2005 –  Stadio delle Alpi, Torino, Italy, 13. September 1994.  Torino was former host city of the 2006 Winter Games, It’s located in the shadows of the Italian Alps close to the French and Swiss Borders.

Taken from the soundboard, this recording could render your copy of PULSE useless had Floyd played all of Dark Side of The Moon on this one, but alas, they don’t.  So, you better keep your copy of PULSE around for good measure.

This is the only soundboard recording floating around from Floyd’s 94 Division Bell tour.  The audience as well as the band were having fun and David even gets to practice his Italian with the crowd.  During Money, David slips up on the lyrics and starts laughing.  Later, the girls on back up vocals start having their own fun when they unexpectedly started jamming on kazoos

Celestial Instruments

Show #97 – Release date: 26. October, 2007

I’m trying an experiment, something some of you may like.  I’m thinking every once in a while I should whip up a CDR friendly podcast.  The only drawback is that they’re confined to just under 80 minutes.  Let me know your thoughts.

This podcast features an excellent recording taken from the soundboard on the 9th August, 1969 at The Paradiso in Amsterdam.  The gig was recorded by Dutch radio station Hilversum 3 for a future broadcast unfortunately a microphone failure on the bands vocals forced them to perform an instrumental set.  As a result the gig never aired.  The recording surfaced recently with a short set of four numbers with absolutely no vocals, but the sound quality is amazing.

Photo courtesy

Knebworth 1990

Show #94 – Release date: 14. September, 2007

Pink Floyd headlined the Knebworth Festival by offering their services in aid of the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Centre as well as the BRIT school of performing arts and technology who provide music therapy for handicapped children.

120,000 fans gathered for this historic event featuring a combination of legendary British rock artists.  Floyd’s long awaited set featured special guests Clair Torry and Candy Dalfer and Rain… but first, a treat from David Gilmour’s recent cinematic DVD premier and Q&A session last week.

– …. .. … / .. … / .-. .- -.. .. — / -.- .- — …

Show #91, Release date: 4. August, 2007

Roger’s KAOS on the road tour lasted only three months and was predominately a North American tour.  Many of Rogers’ gigs were canceled due to poor ticket sales perhaps largely in part by the fact that Pink Floyd was also touring North America at around the same time.

Only two soundboard recordings of live KAOS exist.  Both were later broadcast and have FM quality reception so it adds to the “radio” feel.  This podcast is a mix of those two, one being mostly from Quebec and the other, recorded two weeks later from Wembley.  The remaining gaps were filled using audio taken from an amateur video recording in Quebec.  Unfortunately not every song performed was broadcast and there are no complete soundboard gigs from this tour.  Even the audience recordings seem to be scarce. Here’s the playlist!

By the way, the title of this podcast is in Morse code.  It says, “This is radio KAOS”

*Colisee de Quebec, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, 7. November, 1987 (FM)
**Empire Pool, Wembley, Middlesex, U.K. 21. November, 1987 (FM)
***Quebec amateur video, 7. November, 1987

Morse Code Translator

Live Earth

Show #89 Release date: 7. July, 2007

Here’s a quick cast from Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  Roger just wrapped up his Live Earth concert appearance almost two hours ago.  During Another Brick In The Wall, a special white pig appeared with “Save Our Sausage” written on the side.

This was a great performance by Roger the band.  You can watch it on YouTube but please go to instead to watch any concert on demand and answer the call… sign the commitment… make the pledge!