Pros And Cons – Chicago

BD201It’s more like the Pros And Cons of Floydpodcasting.  After two months of editing, I have to admit, all the work was worth it.  Please forgive me if I do say so myself, this sounds fucking incredible.  Roger Water’s “The Pros & Cons of Hitchhiking – North American Tour”  featuring Eric Clapton.  From the Rosemont Horizon, Chicago, Illinois, twenty nine years ago today, 26, July, 1984.  Enjoy and please don’t forget to comment here or on facebook.   Oh and also please consider a small donation.  Even if its just one dollar, every bit helps afford licensing and hosting costs.  Thank you!

Ticket stub: RonToon of
Soundboard recording: Ian Russell

A little something…

Hello, It’s been a while.  Here’s something for you in case you missed it.  I am working on a new full length podcast but in the meantime, please enjoy this little nugget from 12/12/12.

The Wall at Yankee Stadium

Show #189, Release date: 31. July, 2012

My sixteenth and last ‘Wall’ show for me.  This time from Yankee Stadium, in the Bronx in New York City, 6. July.    just feet away from where I was in section 224 row 15 seat 10.  I was in section 224 row 18 seat 18.   Enjoy!  Oh and !kcus seeknay

A special thanks to Richard of Guildford, UK for the ticket.

The Wall at Fenway

Show #188, Release date: 15. July 2012

This was my 15th time seeing The Wall but it was my first time seeing it outdoors. The size of the wall was amazing… to see it so wide and tall.  It was truly spectacular.  I still prefer it inside over an outdoor or “stadium” setting but it’s very cool to see in such a large scale.  Fenway Park is uniquely special and to us Bostonians, its sacred ground.  Roger at Fenway Park was a big deal.  This is a matrix. It came out wiched pissa.

I saved a piece of something specal from the concert for you to WIN.

The Wall In Albany

Show #187, Release date: 5. July 2012

Staying true to the tradition… for every Wall show I see live, it becomes a podcast.  Albany (this podcast) was last week, 28, June followed by Boston (next podcast) at Fenway Park which I’m currently working on and its sounding awesome.

Tomorrow morning I go to NYC to see Roger Waters, probably for the last time, at yankee stadium. I’ll be at the yankee tavern (I shudder) at 5pm till the show.  Oh, and I’ll be wearing my Red Sox hat!  Maybe I’ll see you there. That too will be a podcast as soon as.  For now, from upstate New York, here’s the Albany stop

The Wall Down Under

Show #185, Release date: 20. May 2012

As you well know, I usually only feature The Wall shows I’ve seen with the exception of a few and this is one of those exceptions.  After patiently waiting 32 years, the good people of Australia finally got their well deserved chance to see The Wall performed live.  For this we go to Sydney’s Olympic Park at Acer Arena, 14. February 2012.  Wish I was there.

This is an excellent recording so it didn’t need much sweetening but I felt it did need some tweaking, so its “doctored for supersound” of course and I discuss the latest news about SiriusXM’s Pink Floyd channel.

…for DD

Divine Providence

Show #175, Release date: 4. September, 2011

I found an amazing recording out of Providence, Rhode Island from Roger’s 2000, “In The Flesh” tour. The quality was excellent without tweaking but as usual, it’s been doctored up for super sound, big time.  In addition to the EQ’ing and whatnot, I removed (as best I could) as much wooo’ing, whistling, and any other annoying crowd noise.  I explain more in the podcast

Photo: Tom MacNeir


Show #173, Release date: 12. July, 2011

Again the tradition continues but it ends with this last ‘Wall’ show for me (until Roger’s return to North America).  It would also be Roger’s last in the U.K. for this tour.  A few sources popped up and two of the best have been remastered and mixed together for you right here only on  Most of the work went into removing some annoying clapping, yelling and whistling.  Also a little bit of digital interference from a nearby cell phone leaked its way into the recording but that too was removed.


Show #172, Release date: 4. July, 2011

In keeping with the tradition of featuring each Wall show I’ve been to, here is the latest (for now).  Going to this gig in the West Midlands region of the UK was completely unexpected.  …from the plane to the train in London to the show at the NIA with backpack in hand.  I was fortunate to attend and now you too can bask it’s sonic bliss.  Shortly after returning home I discovered two different recordings.  So I mixed the two together and wow… from

I’ve been meaning to post this for a few days but there was tweaking that still needed to be done. I think it’s ready now. Enjoy!

A Favour Repaid

Show #170, Release date: 22. May, 2011

In keeping with the tradition of featuring a Wall gig for every city I’ve seen it in, as promised, here’s the big show from London.  This was my ninth time seeing The Wall and by far the most special.  It was the night David Gilmour returned the favor to Roger.  As things would have it, Nick Mason was also there and joined in.  The surviving members of Pink Floyd, reunited on stage for the first time since Live8.  It was amazing!  Roger and the band sounded tight and the sound is incredible!  I had an excellent location to record from and I’m pleased to present it to you.

Live at the O2 Arena, London, U.K., 12. May 2011.  With Special guests… David Gilmour and Nick Mason!

A huge special thanks to Jeff (aka Ravingandrooling).  Photo taken from my seat with an iPhone3Gs.  Section B3, Row A, Seat 50