Full Circle

Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets live at the Corn Exchange in Cambridge, UK a couple of weeks ago, 1st, May 2019.  It was a great concert in Pink Floyd’s home town and Nick’s first time playing in Cambridge since 1969! This was captured near the front, dead center with special thanks to Disputandum Productions who recorded it.  I was next to the mixing desk and its where I took the photo (above).  Where you there?  Here’s the playlist Enjoy

Nick In Copenhagen

For the first time since 1994, Nick is on tour.  He and his Saucerful of Secrets are currently on tour in Europe and have added some songs since their “pre-tour” dates in London.  This podcast features the bands 2nd night of the tour.  Live from the Forum Black Box in
Copenhagen, Denmark on the 3. September 2018.  Here’s the playlist.  Enjoy!

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Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets

Most of you have already seen or listened to some of Nick’s recent gigs but not all doctored up in a nice podcast like this.  If you haven’t heard any of it yet, you’re in for a real treat!  As I listen, I close my eyes and imagine this is the closest thing to what it must of been like to hear/see Pink Floyd in 1967.  Those of you who went, were incredibly fortunate. I wish I was there.  Here’s the playlist.  Enjoy!  Photo: Peter Chow

Nick Mason

Show #107 Release date: 21. March, 2008

This podcast features the interests and work of Nick Mason. Most people wouldn’t know it but Nick Mason contributed more than just his drumming.  He’s done some of Floyd’s stage design and graphics.  He’s even done some vocals on occasion.  As for his interests, Nick is a pilot instructor and race car driver.  His love for cars even allowed him the chance to design VW’s limited edition Pink Floyd cars in 1994.  Rev up those engines… finally, its Nick’s turn.

Dedicated to my Godfather and racing pioneer, Ralph Moody Jr.
Running Time: 1h:31m:18s