Dream Mix

Show #99, Release date: 24. November, 2007

Okay… this is the third time posting this.  The first time I left out the last break.  This time I somehow accidentally deleted the podcast after realizing it had no artwork and information in the file.  The worst thing is all the comments got deleted as well.  I’m wicked sorry about that.  Please, feel free to repost.

At the suggestion of a fellow Brain Damaged listener, Fede from Argentina, here’s a fantasy live set of Wish You Were Here perhaps the way it would of sounded if Roger hadn’t left the band? Also included are two nice Floyd mixes I think you’ll dig.

Yet Another Podcast III

Show #59, Release date: 9. June, 2006

This podcast features some recent performances from Roger in Lisbon and David during his appearance on Later…with Jools Holland.  It’s a shorter one but I hope you still dig it.

Without The Crust

Show #53, Release date: 17. March, 2006

Not much to say about this podcast except that it was put together at the last minute, but I think you’ll enjoy this one, without the crust… just the way Nick likes it.

Kaa Kaa Kaa Com Baa Aap Meeee

Show #44, Release date: 19. November, 2005

Aye an a bit o’ mackerel, fiddler, rack and fear, And I rutted down by the hade and the furrow. Well, I slipped me in a flop and hit down and I shied, and I cried, cried, cried. The fear of fallin’ down aft’ taken, never back to rise and then cried Mary and I tucked up Wi’ a Claymore out and about, and I run down, down the mechyn sty and back on fiery hore that was fallin’ around the feet. “Never!” I cried! “Never shall ye get me alive ya rotten hound of the Burnie Brae.” Well, I snapped for a blade and a Claymore cut and thrust and I fell down before him ’round his feet. “Aye!” a roar he cried. Frae the bottom of his heart that I would nay fall but dead, dead as a can by a feat deah… and the wind cried Mary, Thank you.*

Sorry for the “slight” delay on this. I ran into some issues during the mastering process. No theme for this one. I’m been so ridiculously busy with my studies I’ve had little time to squeeze a good one out… hahaha!! Wait a second, that didn’t sound right. I mean, I didn’t spend as much time on this, as I would have liked, but for a last minute effort, this podcast came out well. Hope you like.

Stop Building The Wall Please

Hello, Welcome back. Here is show #40.
No theme for this one, just some killer Floyd tunes and runs 104minutes.

What do you think, should I post playlists with each new podcast or would you rather have the element of surprise?

Oh, in case you’re curious… the photo is of Devil’s Golf Course, taken in Death Valley, near Zabriskie Point. The terrain is where the name of the song Crumbling Land originates. Photo Bradley Jaycovered car trailer for sale