No Drop of Waters

Show #88 Release date: 6. July, 2007

The last podcast stirred up a great thread.  I planned to feature the first Waterless Floyd gig but decided to do an experiment instead.  I have for you, Floyd’s last two albums.  Performed live (except Cluster One) all recorded off the soundboard, all arranged in the same order as each album.  This podcast was lots of fun to put together.  Hope you dig it.

Photo: Grantchester Meadows, Grantchester side

Sensory Overload

Show #83 Release date: 27. April, 2007

At the end of one of my older podcasts, I quickly gave my cell phone number.   Nobody noticed and months went by until a gentleman from Philadelphia called me up.  He left a message and in the message he mentioned something that sparked the entire reason for this podcast.  He shares with us his experience “seeing” Pink Floyd play live at Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia, 2. June, 1994.  This one’s doctored up for super sound.

Kicking Around On A Piece of Ground In Your Home Town

Show #45, Release Date: 2. December, 2005
(Original Show #8, Air Date: 15. May, 2004)

Pink Floyd, Foxboro, Ma., 19. May 1994.  It was a cold, damp, drizzily “English” Thursday evening, typical Spring weather for May and perfect weather for a Pink Floyd show. It was the second night during their three night stay in the Boston area. It was Section B2, 19th Row (15 feet in front of the soundboard), Seat 19 (center stage). WOW! It was truly an incredible sensory overload.

The day after the concert, the sun was shining bright with few clouds in the sky, yet it was quite windy. Nonetheless, Pink Floyd’s airship The Division Belle made a rare appearance.