Work In Progress (the extraction tapes)

170116.pngOne of the most often asked questions I get is, “Do you have any Wish You Were Here or Animals demo or outtakes”?  Well, the answer is still unfortunately no, but I do have these unbelievable alternate, early studio mixes.  These surfaced earlier this month and they spread across the Internet like wildfire.  Nowhere else can you hear it remastered than right here. Enjoy and please leave a comment!

Two Birds, One Stone

Show #135 Release date: 13. June, 2009

This podcast features not one but two very cool gigs.  The first by request, is David performing at the Mermaid Theatre in 2006.  The other half of the podcast is a unique recording mostly used for the live portion of Ummagumma. The mix is different from what we hear on the official release so this should be a real treat for you Ummagumma fans.   A big thanks to the folks at Yellow Cow Records for bringing this into the light.

Far Side of The Moon

Show #133 Release date: 17. May, 2009

Here’s one to make up for last week.  This podcast isn’t just about a concert and it’s not just a compilation.  There’s no theme but there is something very cool within.  Since we only see one side of the moon here on earth, this episode takes you to the far side, the side we don’t see and back again.

Another Demo

Show #79 Release date: 2. March, 2007

Here is something I’ve wanted to get to for a real long time.  The Final Cut demos.

This is most likely from a production demo reel that somehow got leaked.  This particular recording came from a high generation cassette tape out of Argentina about twenty years ago.  You can imagine how poor the sound quality will be.  Fortunately with today’s technology I was able to fix it up some as best I could.

The Wall Demos

Show #51, Release date: 17. February, 2006

This show picks up where we left off after the 1977 Montreal concert two weeks ago. Six months later in January of 1978, Roger had formulated the idea for The Wall and in July presented his demos called Bricks In The Wall to the rest of the band.

The demos featured in this podcast were recorded between October 1978 and March 1979.