BBC Archives 67-69 – 40th Anniversary Edition

Show #150 Release date: 16. April, 2010

For this special edition of Brian Damage, accompanying us is RonToon of Harvested Records to discuss what Harvested does and to focus on their incredible sounding upgraded version of “BBC Archives 1967-1969”.  The liner notes say “This release required a lot of work and took more than 6 months to complete. The purpose was to present each track in the best possible quality. The process was long because it was performed on a track by track basis. For each song, we had to compare many different sources in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each version and then decide which one(s) to work on. The mastering work was done very carefully, trying to repair every flaw that could be corrected… and there were a lot (tape warble, crackles, drop-outs, incorrect speed, etc).”  Enjoy!

Note: The Harvested release contains more tracks than whats here.  Mmwwahahahaaa!

Deja Vu

Show #105 Release date: 22. February, 2008

On the 23rd of May 1968, Pink Floyd performed three shows in one evening.  One gig was just outside Amsterdam but the other two were at Paradiso.

The venue was once an old church and has high ceilings and a balcony overlooking the stage area.  Imagine how cool it must have been watching Floyd perform A Saucerful of Secrets with three large illuminated stained glass windows above the stage.

These two gigs took place within the first six months of Paradiso’s opening as a publicly-subsidized youth entertainment center.  It was also one of the first locations in which the use and sale of soft drugs was tolerated, so space out and enjoy.