By Numbers

color-by-number-letter-aHere’s a suggested theme idea… Floyd songs with numbers in the title.  Some strange things happen with numbers. Those with an interest in numerology should like this one. Also included is a fresh clean soundboard ONLY version of Rogers’ Pros & Cons from Chicago 1984 and we get to hear a sample of some new* stuff too!  Here’s the playlist

NOTE: as of 27. July 2015, the 40 second preview of David’s material has been removed at the request of the people handling David’s copyright interests. Its is my intention to respect such requests that do not fall within my blanket license that allows me to play other copyright material.

16 thoughts on “By Numbers

  1. The consummate professional that you are and always have been, by removing the 40 seconds. And the number of other tweaks you have done over the years to ensure the sites survival are greatly appreciated by me, and I am sure a great number of us. But one thing is for certain, always make sure that you download the current weeks podcast as soon as you get word, as you could miss something. Thankfully I have every single one in it’s entirety. 25GB of pure heaven. That includes the classic “In the Video Zone” I can not believe it has been 10+ years of podcasts!! Thank you my friend!!

    • Thank you Steve! My sites survival is due largely in part by donations that help me afford music licensing. And for that I’m grateful

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  3. Love this Rosemont recording. And it also proves Roger Has been using “vocal assistance” since way back to the 1980s

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  6. Matt didn’t listen yet but I am going to now. Great songs that you put up. Thank you for another great podcast
    I can’t wait to listen!

  7. Awesome podcast! Every track was gold. Well done, as always.

    Will be sending some financial support soon, now that I’m employed again.

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