Brighton Dome 1972

Show #190, Release date: 15. August, 2012

This one’s to help the Dome in Brighton and a special guest joins me to discuss how we can do that.  So, quick!! Theres not much time left to show your support to help the Brighton Dome restore its history with Pink Floyd.  Pledge your interest along with the likes of Guy Pratt at

This podcast is taken from a bootleg called “Return From The Dark Profound”.  I’ve avoided this for the most part because the quality is not up to my standards but the historical significance trumps the quality.  Until Pink Floyd decides to release the rest of the Brighton 72 gigs, this is the only recording we got (there are others with different titles, but its all from the same source).  I’ve attempted to doctored it up as best I could and I think I’ve accomplished that to some degree.  You be the judge.

4 thoughts on “Brighton Dome 1972

  1. Out-of-the-Blue Question. The crazy, eerie, always-very-moving sound effects which always accompany a DSOTM performance …such as the tolling church bell, the crowd laughter, the preacher sermon, and whatnot. How are these produced on stage, during a show? With what equipment?

  2. Hey Matt, is this recording from the 28th or the 29th of June? You say at the beginning it’s the 20th, but they only played those 2 dates there in June ( the 20th is the date of the January gig with the aborted DSOTM set! )
    Cheers! Chris.

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