Brain Damage Far East

Show #109 Release date: 19. April, 2008

Fellow Brain Damaged listener, Golgo Hakase of Japan created this podcast featuring an excellent recording from Floyd’s 1972 Japanese Tour at Nakanoshima Sports Center, Sapporo,  Hokkaido, Japan, 13 March, 1972.  So, I’m going to take the back seat on this part of the journey, besides I could use a little break.

For those of you going to Denver to see Roger Waters, I’ll see you there!!!  In the meantime please enjoy Golgo’s creation.  It’s nicely done and doctor approved.

1 thought on “Brain Damage Far East

  1. Late to the party, I am. But I love these early 72 performances, and I just stumbled onto this one on the site. Thanks for posting one in such high quality as this. Love the Travel Sequence on this one, especially.

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