Boston 1975 Matrix

Show #155, Release date: 16. August, 2010

This podcast is a huge improvement to Show #56 – It took forever to do this.  Honestly I’m glad its done but I’m so enjoying the rewards of having a killer sounding recording and now you can too. This one is made up of two sources painstakingly mixed together.  You really get a feel for the space.

The Boston Garden was a great place to see a concert.  It was built at the cost of 4 million dollars in 1928 by the same people who built New York’s Madison Square Garden.  It was originally called  Boston’s Madison Square Garden and eventually “Madison Square” was dropped from the name.  The Garden was demolished in 1997.

The Floyd live at The Garden, 18. June, 1975.  Most enjoyable are the performances of You Gotta Be Crazy, which is different from both the 74 and 77 Dogs versions.  The set also has great versions of Any Colour You Like and one of the last pre-87 performances of Echoes.

Before that, I have for you, audio of the video footage from the Hoping Foundation gig featuring David Gilmour and Roger Waters.  Please, if you can, give to the HOPING Foundation!

2 thoughts on “Boston 1975 Matrix

  1. Despite owning all the albums, this is my #1 Floyd listen with “Pretty Good Wasn’t It” from Wembley Empire Pool at #2 and “Remember that night” at #3.
    Thanks Doc !

  2. I can’t believe no one has commented on this thread! Great work splicing the recordings together. You really hear the room and the Quad system circling around

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