Bon Appétit

Show #153 Release date: 27. June, 2010

Hello.  How many in your party?  Never mind, please have a seat, you’ve waited long enough.  This is a fun podcast to listen to with some good friends or even alone.  Its a gourmet culinary delight of Floyd goodness.  Just take a look at whats on the menu.  Feast and enjoy

1 thought on “Bon Appétit

  1. A unique and creative theme plus a long run-time gives the Doc space to stretch out and apply some creativity to this fun and diverse mix. And I mean diverse! Album tracks, solo material, live recordings (both via audience member and soundboard I believe) spanning from the early days to the late keeps the listener on his toes. Beyond the great idea and track selection, though, this is an episode where the Doc’s care and attention to his craft really shine through. Narrative interstitials with background sound and ambient effects carry the theme forward. It’s one thing to doctor up a concert recording and put it out there, and of course the Doc puts incredible work into polishing those up for us. But it’s another level of work entirely to put something like this together so thoughtfully, creatively, and competently. Cheers to the Doc!

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