At The Omni

Show #179, Release date: 04. December, 2011

It feels like its been a while since a full Floyd concert’cast.  I’ve been meaning to feature this one for a long time but kept putting it off.  It’s Pink Floyd’s first visit to Atlanta Georgia in ten years.  Over a three day period, they filmed and recorded in what was supposed to be a precursor to ‘delicate’.  Doctored up and whatnot…  Enjoy and thanks for leaving comments!  I love them.  Don’t stop!

6 thoughts on “At The Omni

  1. Ok, I give up trying to figure this comment out.
    What are Y’all talking about with the “Hidden” podcast?
    I wish I could get the podcast app to go back far enough to download this one and the “Sunrise” one within the App.

    • I went to one of these shows in Atlanta.
      I had to leave the concert and go BACK to work.
      I’ve had Better ideas than the last part of that before!!

  2. what the hell doc?..i dont like puzzles..where the hell is the hidden podcast..if u dont want it on the site email me with instructions…please??..pretty please???

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