As Cars Go By

Just like fixing a car, you run into a few snags and things sometimes take longer than planned.  Sorry for the delay on this, the latest installment of Brain Damage.  She’s fresh out of the shop and all tuned up. Go for a beat run and see how it feels.  Let me know what you think!  Here’s the playlist, but if you want to have a little fun guessing the songs from the lyrics, try this.

11 thoughts on “As Cars Go By

  1. First time for me hearing “You gotta be crazy” – amazing how it changed to morph into what became Dogs on the Animals album., love this version as well.

  2. Hi, Doc! Many thanks for another interesting podcast! I have a question: do you have a podcast in which we can hear a stereo variant of quadro version of Wish You Were Here album? And… one more question)) Do we need a special equipment in order to remove the lead-guitar from Terminal Frost (DYOL Mix)? Or on the single wrongly added the album version?

    • Hi Igor! I don’t feature complete albums that were officially released. I do however, feature a track from a quad mix from time to time.

      The DYOL mix of Terminal Frost should have the guitar solo removed from the mix already. There’s no way to remove it yourself.

      • Doc, I do not have a single with ‘Terminal Frost’ (DYOL), but I have a promotional compilation “Ultra Rare Tracks” on which there is a track ‘Terminal Frost’ (DYOL). Strange, but this track has no differences from the album version (only faster goes into the silence)…

  3. This is just the type of compilations I would do myself in my youth, spending endless hours by my tape recorder. Of course yours are superior in many ways but the feeling is the same. I actually have a couple of theme ideas I might share with you, I just need to think them through a bit more first.

    It strikes me that when Roger channels his anger and fear into lyrics and music we get pure magic. “Miracle” is sooo good, as is “Two suns”. I know many dislikes it when he speaks out politically but as we know, this has been his MO for so long, it’s just that expressed artistically, it carries so much more weight, in some strange way.

    And; Rogers voice on ATD is unbelieveable. I think it was at its peak then, brings shivers every time.

  4. Doc, thanks for picking me up and giving me a lift with this juggernaut of a podcast, with its truck load of goodies. From idle revs to full throttle it’s a familiar drive home along with a few new twists and stop offs for good measure. Buckle up listeners for another excellent drive, a Floydian Grand Tour – TC

  5. Hell Doc! How do you manage to keep coming up with the Goods like this?! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, like Manna from Heaven!!!

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